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Snow White is a tale about a beautiful young princess who must escape her evil stepmother's clutches by staying with seven dwarfs. 


The movie opens in a forest in the middle of winter. A pair blue birds, Elizabeth and Elmer, recount the tale of a beautiful princess. They open with the birth of Snow White, whose name and appearance were predicted by her mother, and the death of the queen. Years later, as Snow White grew up as an adolescent girl, the king remarried a vain and selfish woman who constantly asks her hand mirror who is the fairest one in the land.

One day, the mirror tells her that Snow White is now the fairest in the land. The Queen, upset by this, decides to do away with her stepdaughter. She enlists the help of the Hunstman to take Snow White to the forest and kill her in secret. To make sure that he completed his task, she asks him to bring back the princess' heart. The good two blue birds, who overheard the Queen's plan, try to warn Snow White, but the princess fails to understand what they are trying to tell her. When they arrive at the forest, though, the Huntsman confesses what Snow White's stepmother wanted him to do and tells her to flee into the forest. With Snow White safe, he decides to fool the Queen by bringing back a pig's heart.

While running in the forest, the blue birds from earlier guide Snow White to a small cottage in a clearing. Snow White goes in, uncertain if anyone is home. Thinking it abandoned, she decides to make the cottage her new home and cleans it up. However, a group of dwarfs who work in the mountain's mines, all named Joe, return to the cottage to find it inexplicably clean. They look in their bedroom and find Snow White asleep in their bed. Hesitant about waking her up, they take turns watching her until daybreak.

The next morning, Snow White wakes up and discovers the dwarfs outside the bedroom. The dwarfs wake up and run out of their house and into the forest. Snow White goes after them and tells them to come back, aware that she unintentionally scared them. One by one, they come out of hiding and ask her questions, explaining what is going on. After getting everything settled, the dwarfs agree to let Snow White stay with them. They begin by making her a bed of her own, but they fail in proper organization. With Snow White's help, they complete their task.

Back at the castle, the Queen rejoices in Snow White's death, believing that she is now the fairest in the land again. She picks up her magic mirror and asks who the fairest in the land is. The mirror reveals that Snow White is still alive, which makes the Queen angry. Realizing that the Huntsman fooled her, she declares that she will kill Snow White herself. She goes down to her lair and disguises herself as an old woman. While this is going on, a young prince who grew up with Snow White is searching the kingdom for her.

The next day, the dwarfs get ready to leave for work and each tell Snow White to not let anyone in the house except them. Once alone, the disguised Queen approaches the cottage and introduces herself to Snow White. She intially refuses to let the Queen in, but decides to make an exception for the woman. The blue birds notice something odd about the old woman and start attacking her. The Queen ducks into the cottage and pulls out a corset. Snow White decides to try it on and it gives the Queen a chance to try crushing her ribs. Snow White faints, and got physically injured and the Queen leaves, believing that she killed Snow White.

The dwarfs soon realize that Snow White hasn't shown up to give them their lunch and return to the cottage. They find Snow White passed out on the floor. They loosen the corset and Snow White wakes up, telling her what happened. The dwarfs, realizing that Snow White has had a rough day and was broken that the sinister Queen uses the corset to crushes her ribs, encourage her to rest while they prepare her a special meal. However, when they wake Snow White adn get her ready, they come back and find the meal consumed. They start all over, but this time, they use all the food they saved up and grew in the their garden and make a better meal for Snow White.

Assuming that Snow White is dead, the Queen once again asks the mirror again who the fairest in the land is. The mirror replies that it's still Snow White and the Queen gets mad. She grabs a combed dipped in poison, turning the one point of it into gold and returns to the cottage. This time, Snow White is hesitant about letting her in, but accepts the comb that the Queen offers her. Snow White runs the comb through her hair and collapses and the Queen mocks her before leaving. The dwarfs return home and find Snow White on the floor. They remove the comb and the princess wakes up, much to the Queen's dismay. She returns to her laboratory and uses her potions to create a poison apple. The next day, she returns again and offers Snow White the apple. At first, Snow White refuses to take it, but soon agrees to share the apple with the woman. But soon after, the apple was full of poison and Snow White chokes and fell off to the floor, murdering her. When the dwarfs return to the cottage this time, they believe she is dead and prepare a special coffin for her, along with two weeping and heartbroken blue birds.

In the spring, the prince comes across the dwarfs and Snow White's coffin. As the prince is looking over his friend's body, she coughes up a piece of the apple and wakes up.The dwarfs celebrate the news of Snow White's awakening as the young couple relish their reunion. At the castle, the magic mirror finally betrays and tells off the Queen while also telling her that Snow White was and will always be fairest in the land. Just then, the dwarfs burst in and attack the Queen. They grab her sceptor and struggle with it until a bright light blinds them. When the light fades, they see the Queen has been turned into stone and was killed in the end. In celebration of the Queen's defeat, Snow White and the prince finally get married and live happily ever after.


  • This is closer to the real Grimm tale than the Disney film.
  • The hand Mirror replaces the wall mirror, and will later appear in the Golden Bell Entertainment/Oniria pictures film, Faeries, as a parasprite.